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Thank You Lord JESUS 30/7/2016

Successful completion of New House
Thank you LORD for all the graces and help to build a New house. We pray for son N. Balasundar and daughter N. Vanitha for their marriages.
M. Nagarajan
14, Kokilammal street, Kalyanapuram
Ambathur, Chennai - 53

Thank You Lord JESUS 21/6/2016

Healing from arthritis

I am F. Malathi. I have been suffering from arthritis for the past one year. I could not bend my knees. I took part in the Eucharistic adoration and prayed for healing. Now I am able to bend my knees and to walk. I thank You Lord.

F. Malathi
52, Angalammal Kovil street, Pattalam, Chennai - 12

Thanks to Mother Mary 28/6/2016

Healing from cancer

I am A. Vijayakumari. The doctors diagnosed breast cancer on 12.12.2014. By the grace of Mother Mary the surgery was done successfully on 24.12. 2014. I had chemo and radiation. Now I am enjoying good health by the grace of Mother Mary. I prayed for my daughter that she may get a child. After 12 years my daughter has got a boy child. I thank Mother Mary. My second daughter is carrying now and I pray for her to Mother Mary. Ave Maria.

A. Vijayakumari
6/177, 4th Street, Perumbakkam, Chennai - 100

Thanks to St. Antony 5/7/2016

Successful surgery and economic help for marriage

I am Suganya. For a long time my daughter my daughter was sick. She needed a surgery in the brain and the doctors told us that there was a danger of the person going into Coma. I visited this Shrine and prayed to St. Antony continuously and the operation was successful. Four years are over and my daughter had no problem. Last month was my daughter's marriage. The person who had assured financial help was refusing at the last moment. I prayed to St. Antony and two days before the marriage I got the help from the person who had earlier refused.
Thondiarpet, Chennai - 81

Thanks to St. Antony 12/7/2016

Gift of Child "Chris Emmanuel" through the intercession of St. Antony.

We were married for 4 years, awaiting the gift of a child. We prayed to St. Antony visiting this Church for 13 weeks. At the completion of 13 weeks we got the confirmation of the gift of a child. We got a boy baby, Chris Emmanuel. We thank God for fulfilling our prayer through the intercession of St. Antony.

Nirmal Raj & Gladys
Flat 108, A-Block, Marina Square, Santhome High Road, Santhome, Chennai - 4