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Mary Photos
18/08/2016 Novena Mass by Most Rev. Jeromedhas Varuvel sdb, bishop of Kuzhithurai
12.08.2017: Independence day celebration at ST. Mary’s School
13.08.2017: Feast Flag Hoisting and Solemn Eucharistic celebration by Fr. Rock Chinnapa
Special Adoration: Feast of Precious Body and Blood of Jesus (18.06.2017)
Feast of St. Antony: Solemn Mass celebrated by Emeritus Bishop Dr. A.M Chinnappa (13.06.2017)
Flag Hoisting in view of St. Antony feast: Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Joe Andrew sdb (06.06.2017)
06/09/2016 First Tuesday Evening Mass & Adoration – Fr. Christuraj shs
18/08/2016 Novena Mass – Most Rev. Jeromedhass Varuvel sdb, bishop of Kuzhithurai
13/08/2016 Mass and Flag Hoisting – Fr. Jeyapalan, the Provincial
02/08/2016 First Tuesday Evening Mass and Adoration
02/08/2016 First Tuesday
26/7/2016 Evening Mass and Adoration by Fr. Tharsius sdb
14/6/2016 Feast day celebration
07/6/2016 First Tuesday Evening Mass
5/7/2016 First Tuesday Evening Mass
St. Mary’s Co-Cathedral… St. Antony’s Shrine